The Initiative for Global Development (IGD) is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization that engages and harnesses the power of the private sector to advance sustainable development and inclusive growth in Africa through business investment. We bring together CEOs and senior executives from leading African and global companies through our Frontier Leader Network to catalyze greater business investment and impact on the continent.

We envision an Africa with thriving, impactful businesses that create inclusive growth and where business leaders are a positive force in shaping Africa’s future.


Prompted by their desire to help restore America’s leadership in the world, IGD was created in response to 9/11 in 2003 by a group of business leaders and foreign policy experts including Bill Gates Sr., in Seattle. The inaugural group believed that poverty is at the root of many of the world’s greatest challenges and recognized that lasting poverty reduction would only be achieved with significant private investment to spur growth and create economic opportunity.

IGD’s mission has evolved to focus on engaging global business leaders in an effort to foster greater strategic investment in Africa. The organization had a seat at the table during the formation of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Power Africa, and other major initiatives.

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