African and global business leaders will gather for the Initiative for Global Development’s Spring Frontier 100 Forum on May 5-6, 2017, in Durban, South Africa.

Under the theme, “Driving Sustainable Economies: Private Sector Action to Spur Job Creation and Innovation for Inclusive Growth in Africa”, the forum will focus on the role of the private sector in driving solutions and innovation to accelerate sustainable employment to absorb millions of African youth entering the workforce and advance the continent’s growth sectors for inclusive growth.

The Frontier 100 Forum follows the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa, which ends on May 5. The IGD Forum aims to build on key themes discussed at WEF.

The Frontier 100 Forum is an exclusive, invitation-only event that brings together CEOs and senior executives from IGD’s Frontier Leader network to offer insight, collaborate, and advance initiatives in key sectors of Africa. The Frontier 100 Forum is an integral part of IGD’s mission to leverage business solutions for inclusive growth.




FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017

2:30PM Check-In & Registration

3:30PM Welcome

4:00PM  SPECIAL PANEL SESSION: “Unlocking Opportunities for Youth Job Creation and Entrepreneurship to Address Gaps in Post-Harvest Loss Reductions in Africa ” 

6:00PM “Making Farming Cool!” Launch Reception



8:00AM  Registration/Continental Breakfast

9:00AM  Opening Remarks

9:10AM  Keynote Address: “Driving Sustainable Economies: Private Sector Action to Spur Job Creation and Innovation for Inclusive Growth in Africa”

9:30AM  PANEL SESSION: “Igniting Innovations in Skills Development for Job Creation”

10:45AM  Coffee Break

11:15AM  PANEL SESSION:   “Delivering Jobs through Regional Growth within Africa”

12:30PM Networking Luncheon

1:30PM Luncheon Speaker

2:15PM PANEL SESSION: “Fostering Innovation and Job Creation through Digital Transformation in Africa”

3:30PM Coffee Break

3:45PM PANEL SESSION: “Powering Industrialization to Drive Job Growth”

5:00PM Close & IGD Moving Forward

5:30PM Africa Investment Rising Campaign Celebration


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