The Frontier 100 Forum is an exclusive, invitation-only event that brings together CEOs and senior executives from IGD’s Frontier Leader network to offer insight, collaborate, and advance initiatives in key sectors of Africa. The Frontier 100 Forum is an integral part of our mission to leverage business solutions to address poverty.

The Spring Frontier 100 Forum took place on May 13-14 in Nairobi, Kenya. Under the theme, “Engines of Growth: Powering African Companies to Create Employment and Accelerate Development”, the forum focused on how African companies and multinational corporations can drive job creation and capitalize on today’s business environment for growth.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Achieving Inclusive Growth Through Greater Trade Opportunities

Greater trade opportunities offer tremendous economic promise in Africa. This session will uncover the details on how African companies can take full advantage of trade opportunities to boost their export potential and drive Africa’s economic transformation. Key African and U.S. trade officials and representatives of African companies from key sectors will present the opportunities and challenges of both inter-regional and overseas trade opportunities.

Moderator: Phyllis Wakiaga, CEO | Kenya Association of Manufacturers


Rajeev Arora, Chief Textile and Value Chain Advisor | Kenyan Ministry of Industry, Investment & Trade

Finn Holm-Olsen, Director of Trade Promotion & AGOA | East Africa Trade Hub

Zohra Baraka, Founder and Executive Director | Mohazo, Kenya

Stéphane Eholie, Chief Executive Officer | SIMAT, Cote d’Ivoire

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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Engines of Growth: Powering African Companies to Create Employment and Accelerate Development

Africa’s rapid population growth is expected to generate a demographic dividend which will leave it with the world’s largest workforce by 2035. This has the potential to accelerate economic growth across the region, but realizing this potential will require a significant increase in the rate of job creation. The private sector, particularly high-growth African businesses, is key in generating the jobs needed to meet the burgeoning supply of labor, especially among young people.

This session will explore how African businesses and governments can accelerate the supply of decent jobs and create opportunities for productive employment to spur the continent’s economic transformation.


Hubert Danso, CEO | Africa Investor


Igbuan Okaisabor, Vice-Chairman & CEO | Construction Kaiser Ltd.

Lia Mayka, Regional Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa | Village Capital

Gabriel Negatu, Regional Director for Eastern Africa | African Development Bank

Nicola Galombik, Director | Yellowwoods Ventures Investments


YieldWise: Preventing Crop Loss to Bolster African Farmer Livelihoods and Fuel Growth

Food loss is a global issue impacting both industrialized and developing nations alike. Worldwide, more than 30 percent of global food production intended for human consumption will never reach consumers. Broad changes in Africa’s food markets and value chains point to areas where new ways of operating can reduce food loss and waste resulting in increased household incomes, improved livelihoods, and expanded market access to safe, nutritious foods. The Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise initiative focuses on engaging key market actors who have significant influence across value chains, to address loss in their specific food-crop value chains.

Since 2013, IGD, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, has leveraged its pan-African network to gather insights, identify private-sector driven solutions, and make the local business linkages needed to create sustainable market-led, well-functioning value chains that reduce food loss. The session will focus on the critical role the private sector plays in reducing PHL and the value proposition to engaging on the initiative.


C.D. Glin, Associate Director | Rockefeller Foundation


Tei Mukunya, Managing Director | Azuri Health

Badi Omar, Regional Manager | GrainPro East Africa

Rosemary Muthomi, Director| Meru Greens Horticulture

Sean De Cleene, Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer | Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa

Vijay Sardana, Vice President & Head of Agribusinesses & Food Security | UPL Ltd

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Luncheon Speaker:

Jaidev R. Shroff, Chief Executive Officer | UPL Ltd.


Conversation with Dr. Kandeh Yumkella : “Africa’s Economic Transformation through Value Addition”


Strengthening the Value Chain: Industrialization for Job Creation  

While most countries in Africa are commodity-focused economies, commodities are no longer delivering big returns for the African continent as in previous years. As home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, the continent must move beyond commodities and consider building economies that bring value addition through industrialization for sustainable development.

Industrialization is a key driver of sustainable development in Africa, but its share of GDP has remained largely stagnant on the continent. For African countries that export large quantities of commodities in raw form, the value addition chain will help them to diversify and create an environment that is conducive to both industrial production and trade, which translates into more jobs and more people moving into the middle class. With rapid industrialization, more people are migrating from rural areas to metropolitan cities seeking greater employment opportunities. However, many soon find that they are not able to find affordable or decent housing.

This session seeks to identify key opportunities and critical success factors for industrialization to create jobs and strategies to address the barriers that exist.


Hubert Danso, CEO | Africa Investor


Alan Paul, Founder & Managing Director | EFK Group

Andrew Alli, President & CEO | Africa Finance Corporation

Richard China, CEO | International Green Structures

James Mugerwa, Managing Director | Shelter Afrique

Dr. Hippolyte Fofack, Chief Economist & Director of Research & Knowledge Management | African Export-Import Bank

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Innovating for Impact: Leveraging the Power of Technology in Africa  

Technology is a critical enabler of every sector and industry around the world. In Africa, technology serves to enable private sector growth across key industries, creates employment opportunities – especially for Africa’s burgeoning tech savvy youth population, and also address major development challenges on the continent.

This session will explore some of the latest advancements and hottest trends in technology across the continent.  A panel of experts will speak to the role of technology is playing in creating impact across the continent and around the world and provide insights into some of the challenges faced by the tech sector in Africa. Finally, they will speak to how multinationals and development organizations can work together to leverage technology for greater impact and what we can expect from the African tech sector in the future.


Yinka Adegoke, Africa Editor | Quartz


Joseph Mucheru, Cabinet Secretary | Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, Government of Kenya

Rebecca Enonchong, Founder and CEO | AppsTech

Kagure Wamunyu, Head of Operations | Uber Kenya

Alysia Silberg, Co-Founder and COO | Acceleforce & IGD’s 2016 Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellow

Jinmi Sonuga-Oluanuiga, Founder | Business Unusual Consulting & IGD’s 2016 Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellow

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Perfect Match: African Businesses Forging Partnerships with Multinationals for Scale 

African businesses are increasingly operating in the world-class space. The African companies’ insider knowledge of the local market and commitment to building their business for the long-term in the country have made them both formidable competitors and invaluable partners to multinational corporations. Business partnerships between African companies and multinational corporations are rapidly expanding on the continent. Finding a “perfect match” can be a daunting challenge.

This session will provide insight from representatives of top African companies and multinational corporations on how their partnership works, what makes the “perfect match”, and how companies can work together for a successful partnership.


Yinka Adegoke, Africa Editor | Quartz


Vivek Sunder, Country Director | Procter & Gamble

George Njoroge, Group Managing Director & CEO | East Africa Data Handlers

Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, Group Chief Strategy Officer | Dangote Industries Limited

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IGD to Launch NDPI-PIND Impact Assessment Report

IGD, in partnership with the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI) and the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), highlighted key findings from a yearlong comprehensive organizational assessment of the NDPI-PIND operational model and its effects on impact and systemic change in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Dr. Dara Akala, Program Director | Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta

Adrienne Gifford, Senior Advisor | Initiative for Global Development

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