IGD Task Forces are collectives of companies in a sector that come together to solve impediments to doing business in Africa. Through the power of the aggregate, companies identify and solve major bottlenecks that can better facilitate business on the continent.

Every company faces unique challenges. However there are also challenges that most companies in a sector face, such as inefficient regulations, lack of infrastructure, or a need for better or more advanced inputs. It can be difficult for one company to solve these issues alone – solutions can be too costly or risky for one company. Similarly, creating necessary changes in government and other stakeholder’s policies can be difficult to attain individually. IGD Task Forces work together, giving a communal voice to the concerns of a sector. As such, they vastly increase the ability to finally break through bottlenecks, creating a more efficient business climate that allows all the Task Force member businesses to flourish.


Task Force members are selected from IGD’s exclusive Frontier Leader Network of global CEOs and senior executives from sector-leading companies worldwide. Task Forces are created according to sectors, such as agriculture, power, and logistics. They work to identify issues and propose solutions. Once an issue has been selected, IGD experts work with tasks member and relevant stakeholders to design and implement a project aimed at solving the issue. The goal is not a report that sits on a shelf. Rather, these are action-oriented, real-world solutions that are ultimately tested in the field and then continue to be

Task Force model

IGD Task Forces benefit from IGD’s expertise in advocating a business perspective within various spheres of influence: business; government; multilateral, bilateral, and other donor agencies; and civil society. Task Forces have been designed on the highly successful model of IGD’s Power Group. The group shaped the Understanding Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) Handbook which helps facilitate PPAs in select countries in Africa. Each Task Force has 12 corporate members. IGD’s CEO and President, Mima Nedelcovych, sits on all Task Forces to facilitate connections and share lessons learned from other Task Forces. Task Forces generally meet quarterly, including one in-person meeting at the IGD Forum. Task Force issues are discussed at IGD Forums and solutions are featured during the event.