Who are the Frontier Leaders (FL)?

IGD Frontier Leaders are senior executives from sector-leading companies that make strategic investments in high-need, high-potential African countries.

What do Frontier Leaders do?

IGD Frontier Leaders have the capacity and the interest to leverage private sector investment as a means for creating tangible socio-economic growth. Frontier Leaders participate in IGD’s Frontier 100 Forums, network with other business peers, share lessons learned, and work together to combat the misperceptions of investing in Africa. These leaders also have the opportunity to participate in one of IGD’s priority sector working groups, collaborate with other sector leading companies, and benefit from IGD programs and advisory services.

Who may join the FL network?

Companies and individuals that commit to IGD’s principles for socio-economic development are eligible to join FL network. The principles include creating opportunities for people living in poverty, transparency and integrity, sustainable growth, and collaboration.

Why join the FL network?

The IGD FL network presents a unique opportunity to work with other senior executives. The network is also diverse in that it includes African and International CEOs and business leaders. IGD team of experts also work directly with our Frontier Leaders, who have the option to participate in tailor-made advisory and impact analysis services. IGD Frontier Leaders are all strategically placed to make key investments that can have major economic and human development impacts in emerging markets.

How much is it to join IGD’s Frontier Leaders Network?

The minimum contribution to join IGD’s FL Network is $5000.

How much is Premium network membership?

Premium memberships are available at a higher contribution, based on the program or advisory services customized to your company’s unique needs and goals.

How is Premium membership different from regular membership?



Members-only forums and events



Access and orientations to IGD’s impact measurement tools



Participation in sector-specific working groups



Pre-release research and knowledge briefings



Media services



Access to grant funded initiatives



Impacts assessment advisory services



Customized initiatives or programs



Sponsorship opportunity




My company is already involved in other networks, what makes IGD different?

IGD is unique: we’re a non-profit with a business DNA. Our experienced staff takes a business-oriented approach to help companies realize their potential as the most powerful force for poverty reduction in the world. Our team of experts work directly with you to understand your company’s needs, and provide you access to a global network of corporate leaders all committed to making strategic investments throughout Africa. We are also well-connected to important organizations in the public and nonprofit sector. You can advance your company’s goals by joining our network of Frontier Leaders.

How do companies become a member of our FL network?

Membership in the FL Network is by invitation only.  After an initial expression of interest, Frontier Leader candidates must sign and commit to IGD’s principles for socio-economic development. The principles include creating opportunities for people living in poverty, transparency and integrity, sustainable growth, and collaboration. Companies must also commit to attend IGD events and engage with IGD at the senior executive level. If you are interested in joining or want to connect with our staff, please contact Thyra Nast at tnast@igdleaders.org. Click here for more information on our membership info.

When do I make the membership contribution?

Membership contribution has to be made after receiving and accepting invitation from IGD. Membership is active for one year after contribution is made.

Who do I contact with more questions?

We are happy to address any questions or concerns you have.

Please contact our Development Manager:

Thyra Nast at tnast@igdleaders.org