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Improving U.S. Development: The QDDR Unveiled//

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) yesterday and told the Town Hall audience that the central question the QDDR seeks to answer is  “How can we do better?” Calling the QDDR “a blueprint for elevating American civilian power to better advance our national… Read More

Business Partnerships for Development in Africa//

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Business Action for Africa recently released their 2010 report, Business Partnerships for Development in Africa, produced with the CSR Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School, examining how innovative business-led partnerships are addressing Africa’s development challenges. The report states that “sustaining economic growth is the most important contributor to poverty reduction… Read More

Africa’s World-Class ICT Companies//

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Expansion of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Africa over the past decade has significantly contributed to Africa’s economic growth and increased access to products and services for millions. Frontier 100 CEOs Michael Joseph, Austin Okere and Aloy Chife represent world-class African ICT companies that are revolutionizing the way African individuals,… Read More

Election impact, the G20 and trade//

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Election impact Following the recent election, IGD is thinking carefully about the impact of a divided government on our agenda. The common wisdom is that periods when Republicans and Democrats share power can often be more productive since the two parties have greater incentive to cooperate.  The good news for… Read More

AgInvest: Advancing African Agriculture//

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IGD’s agricultural development strategy, AgInvest, incorporates policy change and Frontier 100 to advance African agriculture through advocacy and investment.  AgInvest will bring a business perspective to the Obama administration’s Feed the Future initiative and will promote deal facilitation through Frontier 100 in the agricultural sector. As part of Frontier 100’s agriculture… Read More

Frontier 100 Forum: Attracting Investment to Africa//

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The Frontier 100 Forum, held in New York, October 26-27, helped to lay the foundation for greater investment in Africa. CEOs from 10 African countries and the United States engaged with financial investors and executives from multinational corporations (MNCs) in a number of focused discussions to increase investment in Africa…. Read More