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IGD Leadership Council CEOs and Policy Experts Discuss Power, Workforce Development//

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On March 11, the IGD Leadership Council met in Washington for a series of focused discussions on IGD’s strategic initiatives in Africa. Topics included the continent’s enormous need for reliable power and how to train and educate its growing workforce. The meeting also celebrated IGD’s first decade, honoring outgoing President… Read More

The Business of Impact Measurement//

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Corporate interest in impact measurement has grown considerably as companies respond to a broader set of issues, and stronger stakeholder demands, related to assessments of business impact that go beyond financial performance. As a result, a wide range of tools for measuring, demonstrating, and reporting impact have emerged to meet… Read More

Rethinking Infrastructure//

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The World Bank estimates that infrastructure has been responsible for more than half of Africa’s recent improved growth performance and has the potential to contribute even more in the future. However, African countries lag behind their developing world peers on almost every measure of infrastructure coverage. This has had serious… Read More

IGD Member Profile: Funke Opeke//

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Following our case study of Main One Cable Company from Measuring Impact: A Business Approach, today we present a profile of Funke Opeke, Main One’s CEO and an IGD member who exemplifies the potential for business leadership to transform Africa. Funke Opeke is CEO of Main One Cable Company, a Nigeria-based… Read More

Main One Cable Company: Delivering Connectivity Across West Africa//

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This is the fifth post in a series highlighting case studies from IGD’s latest report, Measuring Impact: A Business Approach. The internet market in Africa has been held back by unreliability, poor quality, and high costs. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the internet penetration rate is only 8 percent, compared to the… Read More