We create opportunities for our network. Our Frontier Leaders, a collective of businesses operating on the African continent, are committed to a business-driven development agenda in Africa.

Explore IGDs Initiatives:

  • Frontier 100 Forums: Convening of business leaders to discuss important topics on business in Africa.
  • IGD Advocacy: Through IGD’s Africa Investment Rising campaign, our communications and advocacy efforts seek to change the narrative on investing in Africa and amplify the voices of Africa’s private sector leaders.
  • IGD Emerging Leaders: Our groundbreaking effort to inspire and empower the next generation of business leaders in Africa.
  • IGD Advisory: Our team of experts provides innovative and insightful strategic guidance for business to enhance and maximize impact.


IGD has staked out a unique niche in the international development community. We understand and can talk the talk of all sectors — business, government, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and NGOs.

Our powerful, influential network of companies informs our work and helps to drive innovation and growth. Leveraging our Frontier Leader Network and task forces, we bring together companies to find concrete solutions to obstacles to growth and then engage relevant stakeholders in solving and testing them in the field. We also advise individual companies and foundations on impact and shared value.

Our collaborative partnerships support knowledge sharing and strategic insights that incorporate social impact into core business solutions and help companies succeed in today’s global economy.


We are a nonprofit with business DNA. Africa’s homegrown businesses are drivers of growth on the continent. With more than half of our membership from Africa, IGD’s Frontier Leader Network shapes global connections and applies frontier market insights and advances business-driven development to create economic growth and opportunity in Africa.