Providing Strategic Insights & Impact

Drawing insight from the IGD network, our team of experts provides strategic guidance for businesses to enhance and maximize economic and social impact. By bringing the voice of business to the forefront of development issues, IGD Advisory supports donor organizations capitalize on engaging the private sector to achieve sustainable solutions.


We work one-on-one with our clients and partners to deepen their impact and drive business solutions that achieve inclusive growth that benefits whole societies.

Our strategic consulting services:

  • Bring private sector perspectives, strategic insight and innovative solutions to address some of Africa’s most complex challenges, such as reducing post-harvest loss and increasing financial inclusion to strengthen the local capacity for financial services.
  • Deliver a private sector approach to measuring socio-economic impact to create shared value.
  • Leverage our unparalleled global network of CEOs and senior executives as change agents in advancing a business-driven development agenda in Africa.


At IGD, we are a nonprofit with business DNA. We understand and can talk the talk of all sectors — business, government, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and NGOs.

Through Advisory, we offer tools for our clients and partners to identify and quantify their broader impact. Our team of experts develops a tailored impact measurement strategy which reflects your needs, priorities, and operating contexts.

We foster cross-sector collaborations with key stakeholders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to scale investment and inclusive growth in Africa. Our on-the-ground relationships and insight from Africa-based strategic partners help to inform and support collaborations that align business goals with growth and opportunity in Africa.


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