igdIMPACT is the Initiative for Global Development’s (IGD) practical, business-oriented approach to impact measurement. Designed with direct input from businesses, sector-specific measurement frameworks help companies map potential (or realized) impacts to key business drivers and performance metrics. Sector-specific frameworks are currently available for the agribusiness, financial services, FMCG, ICT, and power sectors, with more under development.

Businesses use the framework to guide impact assessment at any level–from the micro impact of a single product or service to the macro impact of regional operations or public-private partnerships.

IGD provides advisory support by working with individual companies to develop a tailored impact measurement strategy which reflects the needs, priorities, and operating contexts of our clients. We deliver value to companies by articulating impacts that result from core business operations, while also building in-house capacity for measurement and reporting and creating a platform for knowledge-sharing. We have worked with Visa Inc., Pearsons, and ContourGlobal, among other leading companies.

We look forward to working with your company on impact measurement. Please contact us at hmant@igdleaders.org to get started.

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Our Partners

We collaborate with global and African organizations to provide the best impact measurement services. Through joint development of programs and projects, these partnerships facilitate the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge to enhance our approach and techniques in impact measurement. For more information and opportunities for partnership, contact Helen Mant.

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Our Frameworks

Visa – IGD Impact Framework

Power – IGD Impact Framework

Agribusiness – IGD Impact Framework

Financial Services – IGD Impact Framework

ICT- IGD Impact Framework


FMCG- IGD Impact Framework