“Africa on the Move” Podcast: Harnessing the Power of Africa’s Private Sector for Inclusive Growth

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The Initiative for Global Development (IGD) launched its first podcast for the “Africa on the Move” podcast series, featuring an enlightening conversation between Dr. Mima S. Nedelcovych, President and CEO of the Initiative for Global Development, and host and legendary broadcaster Georges Collinet on IGD’s mission and how it harnesses the power of Africa’s private sector to achieve inclusive growth across the continent.

The “Africa on the Move” podcast series is part of IGD’s Africa Investment Rising campaign. This series will feature success stories and effective business practices of IGD Frontier Leaders and partners in driving sustainable development and progress through business investment in Africa.

In the inaugural podcast, Nedelcovych spoke with the host about the emergence of African born and bred companies and made the case for why U.S. businesses should increase investment on the continent.


“It’s all about changing the dialogue,” Nedelcovych pointed out how to encourage greater trade and investment in Africa. The IGD president pointed out that a significant number of U.S. business leaders and investors have yet to realize the tremendous business and investment potential on the continent.




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