Blog Series- Africa: Breaking Business Bottlenecks

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As African economies grow, there are opportunities for investment in all regions. However there are also impediments that make some areas more difficult than others for business to thrive. This blog series explores these bottlenecks and the business solutions that companies throughout the continent are using to address them. 

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Co-hosted with AllAfrica’s Amadou Mahtar Ba, the sous l’Arbre session at the Frontier 100 Forum focused on the bottlenecks that slow down investment as well as business solutions to address these bottlenecks. This blog series explores four main topics discussed during the session: skills gap, logistics, urbanization, and public-private partnerships.

The discussion was open to the audience and participants not only discussed bottlenecks but also shared examples of solutions that have helped overcome these challenges. The conversation continued online with many offering advice on how to tackle these bottlenecks. Ultimately, those participating in the town hall discussion agreed that despite the challenges, the continent is ready for investments.

Read our month-long blog series to learn more how business is addressing bottlenecks and creating growth throughout the continent.

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