Campaign Video Spotlight: Dr. Abdu Mukhtar Speaks on Private Sector Engagement with African Governments

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Corporate leaders operating on the Africa continent have increasingly posed the question of how they can become more engaged in advocating for a better enabling environment for their operations. Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, Group Chief Strategy Officer of Dangote Industries Limited, urged Africa’s private sector to stay engaged with government officials to tackle some of the impediments to growth, and most importantly, to provide solutions.

“The fundamental issue about advocacy is continuous engagement,” highlighted Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, Chief Strategy Officer at the IGD Frontier Member Dangote Group. 

The Dangote Group has worked closely with several Africa governments to establish power plants projects among other infrastructure issues, where they have recommended appropriate regulations, business environment and other policy changes to successfully execute projects.

Dr. Mukhtar pointed out that African political leaders understand the need for the private sector to participate in addressing some of the continent’s most pressing challenges, but are often constrained by lack of resources and technical capacity.

“The messages on advocacy should be ‘Don’t give up, don’t get tired’. You have to reinforce the message continuously, but also provide solutions,” he emphasized.

IGD’s Africa Investment Rising campaign is an advocacy effort to amply the voice of Africa’s private sector. The Dangote Group is an inaugural partner of campaign.


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