Campaign Video Spotlight: Illovo’s Gavin Dalgleish Speaks on Private Sector-Led Efforts to Drive Economic Progress

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As African businesses increasingly seek to achieve a greater economic and social impact on the local communities where they operate, Gavin Dalgleish, Group Managing Director of Illovo Sugar Limited, outlined how his company is helping to create sustainable economic impact in a community in Tanzania.

In the latest Africa Investment Rising video spotlight, Dalgleish offered suggestions on ways Africa’s private sector can contribute to reaching development goals that improve local communities, while also profiting as businesses.


“We tried, to the extent we can, to create prosperity around our businesses,” said Gavin Dalgleish, Group Managing Director at IGD Frontier Member Illovo Sugar Group, the largest sugar producer in Africa. 


An Illovo-owned sugar plantation in Tanzania has contributed to the development of local schools, hospitals, and markets, all of which are testaments to the positive economic impact that can grow from Africa’s private sector support.

“The small levels of social upliftment means the world to people in terms of their dignity,” Dalgleish pointed out.

He also emphasized that by understanding the “intricate linkages, you can often unlock enablers in the economic environment that will make businesses successful.”

African businesses should develop capabilities in the local value chain that can enhance logistics infrastructure, roads, and rail networks, he suggested.

By sharing Illovo Sugar’s story in Tanzania, Dalgleish is encouraging more African companies to become more engaged in bringing greater social and economic benefits to both their businesses and local African communities.


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