Campaign Video Spotlight: Morgan Nzwere Highlights How the Private Sector Can Reduce Post-harvest Loss

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Post-harvest loss is a growing challenging in Africa, as smallholder farmers increasingly experience crop losses and incomes. Morgan Nzwere, Group CEO of Seedco Limited speaks on the role of the private sector in reducing crop losses and helping farmers optimize their productivity and yields. Seedco is a member of the IGD Frontier Leader Network.

Seedco develops and markets certified crop seeds to help strengthen value chains, and connect smallholder farmers to the buyers of their end product.

In the latest Africa Investment Rising video spotlight, Nzwere noted that the private sector can contribute to reducing post-harvest loss by providing farmers with greater access to interventions that companies like Seedco offer to scale up their production and maximize their yields.

Some of the interventions include supplying high yield seeds to farmers, providing access to market by facilitating transportation of yields to the market on time, linking producers to the buyers of their end product, and also ensuring agro dealers become aggregation centers for the smallholder farmers so that every party involved on the value chain gets profitable returns.

He further suggests that private companies train the farmers on proper agronomy and the best storage methods to reduce the chances of pests destroying their grains and causing losses post harvest.

“At the end of the day, the farmer has to get value from the product to see that it’s a useful activity,” said Nzwere.

“We have to help [farmers] bank that increased productivity by reducing post-harvest loss so that the farmer can actually realize the benefits of doing the things we are saying he should be doing correctly.”

IGD’s Africa Investment Rising campaign is an advocacy effort to amplify the voice of Africa’s private sector. Seedco Limited is a partner of the campaign.


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