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At the Morocco Private Sector Roundtable, leaders convened to discuss Morocco’s development. The event focused on education and land as ways to facilitate more economic growth. Morocco’s economy continues to grow as it experiences an increase in foreign direct investment and an improved business climate. Industries such as tourism, telecom, agriculture… Read More

IGD Interview: Lucien Bronicki, Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO, Ormat Technologies, Inc.//

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In Africa’s power sector, “the potential is huge and the need is extreme,” says Lucien Bronicki, Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO of geothermal power producer Ormat Technologies, Inc. Bronicki spoke about Ormat’s investments on the continent and his projections for increased power generation, especially from renewable sources, in a recent interview… Read More

Cummins’ Technical Education for Communities: Developing Technical Skills in Global Markets//

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Technical Education for Communities (TEC), a pioneering global program designed to increase access to good jobs through local vocational education programs, was recently launched by the Cummins Foundation, the private foundation of IGD Frontier Leader company Cummins Inc. By forging partnerships with business, government, and community organizations, the program will… Read More

CEO Interview: Jean-Louis Ekra//

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IGD President & CEO Mark Green recently interviewed Jean-Louis Ekra, President & Chairman of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), who was in Washington DC to attend the IGD Leadership Council meeting. Afreximbank pursues development goals and objectives using a private sector approach, which was unheard of when the bank launched… Read More

IGD Leadership Council CEOs and Policy Experts Discuss Power, Workforce Development//

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On March 11, the IGD Leadership Council met in Washington for a series of focused discussions on IGD’s strategic initiatives in Africa. Topics included the continent’s enormous need for reliable power and how to train and educate its growing workforce. The meeting also celebrated IGD’s first decade, honoring outgoing President… Read More