IGD Enters New Partnership with Rockefeller Foundation’s Yieldwise Initiative to Reduce Post-Harvest Loss

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With up to 40 percent of all crop losses in Africa occurring at the early stages of the food value chain, IGD’s Advisory has entered into a new partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise initiative to engage smallholder farmers and strengthen private sector business linkages to address bottlenecks and improve efficiency in the value chains.

The YieldWise initiative is an ambitious seven-year, $130 million initiative, that seeks to build an efficient, productive food chain to minimize food losses from farm to table.

Smallholder farmers account for 90 percent of food production in Africa. IGD’s Advisory team will work with the African private sector to increase off-take agreements from smallholder farmers, a contract in which a company agrees to purchase an agriculture producer’s future product.

The Advisory team’s engagement aims to support African companies to unlock their potential in the food value chain to prevent post-harvest crop losses in their operations. The team will work directly with African agribusinesses and smallholder farmers to build business linkages throughout the four priority value chains, including technology, transport, logistics, and finance to improve the food production supply chain to mitigate crop loss. The Yieldwise’s crop and countries of focus are tomato and cassava crops in Nigeria and mangoes and maize in Tanzania.

Prior to the initiative’s launch, IGD’s Advisory team convened Kenyan-based food and beverage companies to gain market insight into how businesses can forge partnerships to cut post-harvest losses and improve smallholder farmer livelihoods in the mango, banana, and maize value chains.

To learn more about IGD’s work with The Rockefeller Foundation to reduce post-harvest loss, please click here.

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