IGD Frontier 100 Forum Convening Top Business Leaders in Africa to Advance the Continent’s Economic Growth and Development

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New approaches to catalyze investments in electric power generation and agricultural value chains are expected to top the agenda when the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) convenes its eighth IGD Frontier 100 Forum in Cape Town next month. This biannual, invitation-only event brings together IGD Frontier Leaders—CEOs and senior executives of leading American, African, European and South Asian companies who share a commitment to business-driven development in Africa—in order to share insights and advance initiatives in key sectors.

IGD Frontier 100 Forums are part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to catalyze strategic investments in Africa for the purpose of creating economic growth and opportunity that can lift generations from poverty. The Forums are held twice each year, once in Africa and once in the U.S.

“We are excited to bring together IGD’s extraordinary Frontier Leaders,” said IGD President & CEO Mark Green, former U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania. “The Frontier 100 Forum is a unique opportunity to connect many of the most influential and respected CEOs and senior executives operating in Africa, and to further shape and develop initiatives that will help catalyze sustainable development in Africa.”

IGD Frontier Leaders represent some of Africa’s most significant companies in the agribusiness, infrastructure and electric power development, information communications technology (ICT), and financial services sectors. Collectively, IGD Frontier Leader companies generate more than $880 billion in annual revenue, with an operating presence that spans the African continent.

Sessions at the IGD Frontier 100 Forum will cover the latest developments and emerging opportunities in impact measurement, mobile technology, agriculture, power, and more.

  • A Business Approach to Measuring Impact—Nicola Galombik, Executive Director of Yellowwoods Ventures Investments, will share how industry leaders are strategically implementing IGD’s Impact Measurement Framework to support their core business operations and strengthen their socio-economic impacts.
  • Opportunities in Mobile Technology—Craig Fitzgerald, Group CEO of Econet Wireless Global Ltd, will facilitate a discussion about IGD Frontier Leader companies’ use of innovative mobile applications in key sectors including agriculture, financial services, and ICT.
  • Catalyzing Investments in Priority Agriculture Value Chains—IGD President & CEO Mark Green will lead a session on opportunities for agribusiness investment to address gaps in African agricultural value chains, and discuss funding sources available to support business expansion in African agriculture.
  • Streamlining the Power Development Process—Participants will discuss IGD’s electric power development working group’s efforts in this session led by IGD Board Chair Robert A. Mosbacher, Jr., Former President & CEO, OPIC, and Chairman, Mosbacher Energy Company.