IGD Frontier Leader Network Invited to Participate in African Magazine’s Special Edition on Agribusiness

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The IGD Frontier Leader Network is invited to participate in a African Business magazine’s Special Agribusiness Report, “Turning Potential into Reality”.

African Business, in partnership with the Initiative for Global Development, will publish a special report on Agribusiness, highlighting the tremendous potential of agribusiness in accelerating Africa’s economic growth and transformation.

The report goes beyond examining and highlighting key trends in the sector. Its core aim is to impact the policy agenda across Africa to drive the development of agribusiness through an annual survey of leading private sector decision-makers in the sector, in Africa and globally, to identify and formulate concrete policy recommendations. This has the potential to become a cornerstone of the debate on agribusiness on the continent and can act as a tool to facilitate investment and reform.

The Report will feature a number of C-level interviews, best practices and case studies of leading Agribusiness companies doing business in the continent.

By participating in the Special report, you will be able to:

  • Position your company as a leading player in the sector,
  • Influence and reach out to African leading institutions and policymakers
  • Support policy recommendations to support greater private sector participation in the Agriculture sector




For more information and to take advantage of partnership opportunities, please contact Elisee Marie, Regional Director, IC Publications at phone, +1 (347) 308 7896 , international phone, +44 (0) 7896 418657 or email, e.marie@icpublications.com.