IGD to Roll Out Newly-Launched Africa Investment Rising Campaign in late-November

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WASHINGTON, DC — November 17, 2016 — The Initiative for Global Development (IGD) will roll out this month its newly-launched campaign aimed at encouraging greater trade and investment in Africa by amplifying the voice of Africa’s private sector leaders and showcasing business and investment opportunities through multimedia storytelling and strategic traditional and social media outreach.

The campaign, Africa Investment Rising, will reflect a new narrative of a thriving and dynamic African private sector and create awareness about the role of African companies in fueling job creation and sustainable and inclusive growth on the continent.

“Negative perceptions about trade and investment in Africa still persist,” said Dr. Mima Nedelcovych, IGD President & CEO. “The Africa Investment Rising campaign will confront these misperceptions with the goal of changing the prevailing narrative on Africa as a continent to show that there are many vibrant economies, a growing African consumer class and successful business ventures in those countries that have the political will to formulate enabling business environments.”

IGD is a network of African and global business leaders who are committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth through business investment in Africa.

Beginning on Nov. 22, the campaign will feature a bimonthly series of video spotlights, blogs and podcasts from leading global investors and corporate leaders with operations in Africa.  The campaign spotlights will be distributed widely through eblasts, website and robust traditional and social media outreach to a global audience.

Given the unbalanced global media coverage of Africa, the campaign will draw attention to its business and economic potential. The African continent is still home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, despite shocks in commodity prices in resource-rich countries. African small- and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) are driving the continent’s growth, creating 80 percent of jobs.

Additionally, there are some 400 African-born and bred businesses with revenue of more than $1 billion per year, which are playing a critical role in Africa’s economic growth, according to the McKinsey Global Institute Report, “Lions on the Move II”.

Business opportunities in Africa are expected to reach a total of $5.6 trillion by 2025, with $2.1 trillion of household consumption and $3.5 trillion of business spending, the McKinsey report cited.

“By shining the spotlight on Africa’s economic potential and those countries with the right policies, we hope to inspire global investors to seriously take a look at potential investment deals and the enormous returns,” said Nedelcovych.

The campaign will also target African young people for the “Making Farming Cool!” campaign component, a series of radio spotlights and podcasts on changing the narrative among African young people on entrepreneurship and careers in the agriculture sector.

The radio programming, which will air throughout Africa, U.S. and Europe, will feature vibrant African music and compelling interviews with African young people and experts in the agriculture sector, entertainers and sports figures to attract African talent to the agribusiness sector in Africa.

The Inaugural Campaign Partners are the African Development Bank, African Export-Import Bank, The Dangote Group, CountourGlobal, Orrick,  Chevron, African Finance Corporation, International Green Structures, Endeavor Energy, ALPHA BTP, National Electric and Power Company, Covington, Les Eaux Minérales d’Oulmes, Procter & Gamble, Shelter Afrique, Construction Kaiser, SeedCo, Afrimag, and Smith Charles Associates.


To learn more about the Africa Investment Rising Campaign and to become a media partner, please visit www.igdleaders.org/aircampaign.  

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