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The Business of Financial Inclusion: An impact assessment of Visa’s partnership in Rwanda//

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The Business of Financial Inclusion demonstrates how Visa Inc. is constructively engaging the Government of Rwanda to increase financial inclusion through electronic payments. Based on an impact assessment conducted by IGD between March and August 2013, the report finds that the partnership has electronified Rwanda’s economy and laid the foundations… Read More

Survey Shows Growth in Corporate Impact Measurement and Satisfaction Among CEOs//

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“In the results of this survey, we find that corporate impact measurement creates opportunities for companies to make more robust decisions, uncover cost savings, get to know customers better, and constructively engage governments and other stakeholders.” The Business Value of Impact Measurement is a briefing note released by the Initiative… Read More

Pioneers on the Frontier//

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Pioneers on the Frontier: Sub-Saharan Africa’s Multinational Corporations is the first report to identify the emerging class of homegrown Sub-Saharan African multinational corporations and share insights for other African companies about how to expand effectively and maximize their development impact. Download PDF Report