Business-to-Business Partnerships – Recommendations for Expansion Across Africa//

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As African countries experience rapid economic growth, companies are expanding their footprints across the region to gain market share and take advantage of high returns on investment. This report profiles successful partnerships and includes recommendations from CEOs of leading multinational corporations (MNCs) on entering, structuring, implementing and ending such partnerships.

The report was informed by discussions among CEOs from IGD’s Frontier 100 network at the Frontier 100 Forum in New York, October 2011. CEOs emphasized that the fundamentals of partnerships are the same in Africa as in other parts of the world, but Africa’s dynamic markets and diversity among the 54 African countries makes cross-border expansion particularly complex. Partnerships with local companies can help foreign firms—headquartered headquartered within or outside of Africa—gain on-the-ground knowledge, navigate local business climates and seize investment opportunities.

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