IGD AGINVEST: Catalyzing Agribusiness Investments in Africa//

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Transformation of the agriculture sector is critical to Africa’s economic growth and development. The World Bank estimates that growth driven by increased agricultural productivity is almost three times as effective in reducing poverty as growth in other sectors. Yet the potential for agriculture to lift farming incomes and enhance food security in Africa is not being met.

IGD believes that African agribusiness can be transformed into a dynamic sector that is both commercially sustainable and delivers significant development impact. IGD AGINVEST: Catalyzing Agribusiness Investments in Africa, lays out the foundation for our work by:

  • Making the case for why investment in African agriculture is critical for economic growth and development;
  • Outlining IGD’s approach to catalyzing investment opportunities that are commercially strong and have high potential for development impact; and
  • Highlighting IGD’s work with Seed Co Limited, a leading African seed company, to increase yields and enhance livelihoods for Tanzanian smallholder farmers.

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