Interim Report on Leadership4Agriculture Initiative Outlines Public-Private Sector Solutions to Spur Africa’s Agricultural Growth

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Interim Report Puts Forth Solutions on How to Move the Continent’s Agricultural Policies to Actual Implementation


An interim report for the African Development Bank’s Leadership for Agriculture (L4Ag) was released on Nov. 6 at the 2018 forum in Johannesburg, South Africa, outlining public and private sector solutions and policy action to spur agricultural sector growth.

The Leadership4Agriculture Forum Interim Report  features highlights from two high-level panel sessions from the Bank’s Annual Meetings on May 21, 2018 in Busan, South Korea, and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Forum (AGRF) on September 6, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda. Each high-level session featured in the report includes an overview and key takeaways from panelists and attendees.

Hosted by the African Development Bank, the Leadership for Agriculture (L4Ag) is an African ministerial-level peer-to-peer network that promotes strategic engagement and policy action among African Ministers, private sector and other stakeholders to increase commitment to investing in agriculture and boosting agricultural productivity.

Mamadou Biteye, Managing Director for the Africa Regional Office at The Rockefeller Foundation, said L4Ag is evolving into a platform that fosters stronger engagement between the public and private sectors.

“We are committed to developing a robust program between the meetings,” said Biteye, in the report. “Meetings are a good place to share progress, but we must have a robust program of activities whether focused on meetings to talk about specific issues or to engage with the private sector in deal making.”

In the interim report, the Bank President Akinwumi Adesina affirmed the central role that the agriculture sector plays and will continue to play in Africa’s future and laid out key challenges that Africa must overcome to unlock its full potential and create agricultural prosperity on the continent.

Boosting agro-industrialization was a top priority to transform the agriculture sector. “No nation has ever industrialized without a clear industrial policy, and no nation has achieved the level of economic development observed in the West and parts of Asia without a significant transformation of its agricultural sector,” said Adesina.

Building a strong partnership between Ministers of Agriculture and Finance was cited as essential in demonstrating how agriculture contributes to the national development and economic growth.

The report noted that both public and private sector leaders stated in panel discussions that young people must be encouraged to enter the agriculture sector.


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