Niger Delta Development Forum: International perspectives on agriculture investment in the Niger Delta

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The Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF) is an information sharing and collaboration opportunity for public, private and civil society organizations pursuing approaches for equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta.

The Forums, in Washington DC and Nigeria, focus on the complex security and economic challenges facing the people of the Niger Delta and the identification of the best opportunities to work together for the development of the region. The second NDDF of 2014 took place in Calabar, Nigeria and focused on investment opportunities in local agricultural value chain commodities of the Niger Delta. It aligns with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda and the Vision 20:20:20. The Forum also coincides with the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government declaration of 2014 as the “Year of Agriculture and Food Security.”

The un-competitiveness status of agriculture of the Niger Delta is compounded by an unproductive agricultural model, poor market access and limited social safety nets in the rural areas. Taking full advantage of opportunities in agriculture will require investment-driven strategic partnerships with the private sector as well as investment drives to unlock potential of our States in agriculture. Stakeholders in Niger Delta states, including policy makers and market actors, need to overcome some major challenges associated with infrastructure, barriers to doing business, conflicts and security risks, low skill levels and access to appropriate technology.

IGD’s President & CEO, Dr. Mima Nedelcovych had a special remarks at NDDF on the international perspectives on agriculture investment. Listen to his presentation below to understand the importance of aligning interests between various stakeholders to achieve successful investment and social development in the region.

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