Laying the Foundation for Increased Investment in Africa

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Frontier 100 members gathered in New York on October 3-4 for the fifth Frontier 100 Forum. The Forum featured focused discussions with the overall goal of increasing investment and business growth in Africa to reduce poverty. Attendees included investors, executives from multinational corporations (MNCs), government officials and Frontier 100 CEOs from 13 African countries, India and the United States. Participants built new relationships and gained insights to improve their business operations on the continent through sessions on business-to-business (B2B) partnerships, the investment climate and opportunities, and agriculture.

Leveraging Partnerships for Business Expansion in Africa

Loide Monteiro and Patrick Devenish at the Frontier 100 Forum, New York 2011
Loide Monteiro and Patrick Devenish at the Frontier 100 Forum, New York 2011

This discussion furthered Frontier 100’s understanding about how to build and maintain effective partnerships to support business expansion across Africa. CEOs and executives from U.S. MNCs agreed that partnerships are critical to expanding operations across Africa and shared details on their specific experiences and strategies. These insights will be incorporated into the final version of Frontier 100’s report, Business-to-Business Partnerships: Recommendations for Expansion Across Africa.

Catalyzing Investment for Business Expansion

Frontier 100 CEOs shared their experiences working in Africa with influential investors and industry leaders and discussed emerging investment opportunities, key drivers of growth and potential risks. After the session, investors, including several who had not previously considered Africa as an investment destination, were enthusiastic about Africa’s investment opportunities and pledged to increase their investment allocation towards the continent.

Agriculture Business Models to Attract Large Scale Capital

Members of Frontier 100’s agriculture interest group met with representatives from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the African Agricultural Growth and Investment Task Force, and leaders from GIIN, Meridien Institute and OPIC to discuss best practices and key factors affecting the risk/return profile of agricultural investments in Africa. Participants considered remedies to common challenges to agriculture in Africa including lack of access to markets and fragmented populations of smallholder farmers.