Skills Development in Africa

IGD companies, operating in all sectors and regions across Africa, cite a lack of a skilled local workforce as a major challenge to business growth and expansion on the continent. Companies see developing their talent pipeline as a strategic business imperative.  Gathering primary data from leading companies operating in Africa around the specific skills needed to fill vacant positions, and bringing the private sector perspective into the debate, is critical in addressing the skills gap challenge.

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In response to our Frontier Leader’s stated interests, IGD is focused on delivering sustainable solutions to address companies’ needs through our Leadership, Employability, and Skills (LES) program – a broad initiative to develop business talent and address Africa’s skills gaps. The three components of the program include:

L – Leadership: Develop the next generation of African business leaders through IGD’s signature Jennifer Potter Emerging Leaders Fellowship (JPELF) program. The JPELF program is a scholarship program that affords three young African business leaders the opportunity to participate in the IGD Frontier Leader Network for one year. This gives them the opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of knowledge and expertise, whilst at the same time providing IGD Frontier Leaders with exposure to local business leaders who can share highly valuable ‘localized’ knowledge on best practices to penetrate targeted African markets relevant to members’ businesses.

E – Employability: Increase employability at scale by supporting company-led initiatives. IGD will work with companies within our network to identify opportunities for collaboration and collective action to improve skills development, reduce operations and training costs, and increase the talent pipeline across the continent. IGD explores challenges, tests pilot solutions, measures socioeconomic impact achieved through skills-focused programs, and identifies and shares critical lessons learned in addressing Africa’s skills gaps.

S – Skills: Support skills development by forming Strategic Partnerships with selected innovative organizations that have established programs to address the talent challenge focusing on various skills at different levels. IGD is a resource and knowledge manager for businesses looking to add talent to their workforce or locate skills development initiatives in Africa.

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