Partnerships in Skills Development

IGD serves as a resource and knowledge manager on skills development in Africa to member companies by connecting them to skills development organizations.

For many years, IGD member companies operating in multiple African markets have stated that finding skilled local workers to fill job vacancies and perform at the level required is challenging. In particular, companies cite soft skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, leadership, and general ‘work-readiness’ skills as lacking. Companies need skilled local talent for the sustained growth and success of their businesses on the continent.

CEOs are increasingly looking to collaborative efforts and partnerships to improve their workforce and establish a broader pool of skilled labor in the market from which they can recruit new employees as their businesses grow. There are many innovative organizations with experience and expertise in skills development who are addressing the talent challenge focusing on improving different skill sets, at different levels of management, in multiple African countries. IGD has formed strategic partnerships with such organizations, providing a resource to IGD Frontier Leader companies looking to find skilled local talent on the continent.

The Partnerships in Skills Development is one of the pillars of IGD’s Leadership, Employability, and Skills (LES) program. It addresses a current market void of companies looking to add talent to their workforce and locate skills development initiatives on the continent. Partner organizations offer skills services to Frontier Leaders either by providing qualified candidates or supporting in actual trainings or curriculum development. 

Value to IGD members

  • Helps IGD member companies address skills gaps by engaging with reputable organizations with the experience and expertise in skills development.
  • Reduces the time, money, and energy it takes for member companies to find reputable partners.
  • Provides a curated list of resources that Frontier Leaders would prefer engaging with.

IGD’s strategic partnerships on skills development

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If you’re an organization that provides services on skills development and have access to talent for private sector companies, please contact Helen Mant at hman@igdleaders.org for more information on becoming an IGD partner.