Africa Investment Rising is a communications, education and advocacy campaign by the  Initiative for Global Development (IGD) aimed at amplifying the voice of Africa’s private sector leaders, encouraging greater investment in Africa, and creating a better business environment for inclusive growth.

The African continent boasts a wealth of opportunities and valuable resources. Despite Africa’s enormous economic potential, some global investors still hold negative misperceptions and assumptions about doing business on the continent. While small pockets of instability still exist in Africa, the vast majority of African countries have stable and growing markets with governments committed to creating growth and socioeconomic development progress.

Negative perceptions about Africa can create a significant barrier to potential international engagement and partnerships. To help confront these misperceptions, Initiative for Global Development (IGD) strives to shift the negative narrative on Africa to show impactful stories of business and investment opportunities, a growing African consumer class and successful business ventures through multimedia storytelling and strategic traditional and social media outreach.


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Read the op-eds

In collaboration with Devex, IGD has published a series of op-eds on “Investing in Africa” featuring our Frontier Leaders and experts who have appeared in the video series. Click on the links below to read them:

Dark continent? How Africa’s communications revolution is eroding bad press
Joan Mower, Voice of America

Entering Africa: 3 considerations for your first investment
Lisa Pinsley, American Capital Energy and Iinfrastructures

Dealing with corruption in Africa: A complex yet surprisingly simple answer
Mima Nedelcovych, Initiative for Global Development

Battle of perspectives over Africa’s 2050 population boom
Farouk Gumel, PwC Nigeria

The human element: Three ways businesses must connect with people in Africa
Jean AbiNader, The Moroccan American Trade and Investment Center

African solutions to African problems: Cultivating future leaders
Yinka Oyinlola, Nigeria Leadership Initiative

The African data gap: What it means for business
Carol Pineau, Envision Strategies

Africa: 3 things you must know about cross-border investment in Africa
Andrew Alli, Africa Finance Corporation



The foundation of IGD’s work is based on a strong network of likeminded organizations and companies. Organizations and companies that are interested in addressing developmental challenges and drive poverty reduction in Africa through strategic investments and economic growth are encouraged to reach out to partner on this project.

If you are interested in contributing to the storyline of this project or know a good story to tell, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!



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