Private Sector-Led Development to Systemic Changes

IGD’s Innovative Approach to Assessing Impact and Progress in Nigeria’s Niger Delta

2 May 2015, Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. Planning meetings of executive director for the Ideal Women Advancement Initiative’s team, Warri Delta State, Nigeria.Since early 2015, IGD’s Advisory team has engaged in a yearlong comprehensive organizational assessment of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative Foundation (NDPI) and Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) activities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

The two independent, sister foundations were established by Chevron in 2010 with the mission of relieving poverty and promoting development across the Niger Delta. The region is one of the world’s richest sources of oil and produces nearly 75% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings. Yet, it has experienced an uptick in violence last year and more than 70% of the 32 million people residing in the region live in poverty.

IGD’s Advisory team was commissioned by NDPI-PIND to evaluate the first five years of their operations and assess the impact and systemic change created as a result. We conducted the institutional-level assessment of PIND and NDPI operations with a highly tailored approach of methodologies and practices to measure impact that went beyond traditional evaluation metrics.

The multi-disciplinary approach combined traditional evaluation methods with emerging best practices to design and implement innovative methodologies and tools, including qualitative and quantitative outcomes metrics, “proof points,” and case studies. Summarized in the infographic.

In July 2016, the Advisory team released the impact assessment report, “Pioneering New Operating Models and Measurement Techniques for Private Sector-Led Development: Assessing Impact in Nigeria’s Niger Delta”. The report showed that the NDPI-PIND have “moved the needle” in laying the groundwork for greater development in the Niger Delta region and highlighted how a market-based approach to development can help drive sustainable change and economic opportunity.


The Partnership between IGD and NDPI/PIND to Measure the Impact of NDPI/PIND’s Works in the Niger Delta Region  

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Learn About IGD’s Impact Assessment of NDPI-PIND’s Activities in the Niger Delta

Peer Review Roundtable

In the lead up to the publishing of the impact assessment report, IGD, in partnership with NDPI-PIND, hosted two Expert Roundtables and separately engaged several outside peer reviewers to obtain a well-rounded and diverse set of both international and local perspectives.

The Roundtables were also intended to engage thought leaders in meaningful dialogue about private sector-led development initiatives, market systems-based development approaches, and the state of impact measurement of such initiatives.


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NDPI-PIND Impact Assessment Report

NDPI Report Cover Photo websiteIn July 2016, IGD Advisory released the impact assessment report, “Pioneering New Operating Models and Measurement Techniques for Private Sector-Led Development: Assessing Impact in Nigeria’s Niger Delta”, which is the culmination of a yearlong comprehensive organizational assessment of the activities of the NDPI-PIND in the Niger Delta region.

The Advisory team created a unique framework for measuring comprehensive economic development in the Niger Delta and identified impact measurement approaches that go beyond just counting beneficiaries and focus on behavior changes.

The report found that NDPI, PIND, and Chevron have ‘moved the needle’ on corporate social responsibility, shared value, and development to a new level by creating awareness, building knowledge, and changing attitudes, beliefs, capacity, and actions in ways that permanently re-orient the hopes, aspirations, and visions of the people in the Niger Delta region.

Read the full report

Market-Based Approaches to Drive Development and Stability


Dr. Mima S. Nedelcovych, President of IGD, and Heather Kulp, Executive Director of NDPI, jointly penned an opinion piece in the Huffington Post outlining how a market-based approach to development can help drive systemic change and economic opportunity in the region.

The joint opinion piece outlined the six critical success factors to “move the needle” towards creating systemic change in the Niger Delta.

The NDPI and PIND approach sought to focus on sustainability from the start. By moving away from a grant giving approach that tends to create dependency on donor funding, NDPI and PIND focus on building market systems that catalyze economic opportunities and address the significant barriers to inclusive economic growth, such as conflict and violence, a weak civil society, and poor infrastructure.

Read the opinion piece on Huffington Post

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