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Significant volumes of food is lost in Africa each year, making investing in post-harvest loss (PHL) reduction critical to ensuring food security and improving resilience of millions of smallholder farmers (SHFs) across the continent. This blog series will share learnings on the role business can play in reducing food loss across multiple countries and agriculture value chains and will introduce a new infographic that illustrates these findings.

Image Private Sector to PHL

Companies operating in multiple sectors and industries play an important role in PHL reduction whether as a provider of storage technologies, as a buyer of SHF crops, or as a contributor of advice and expertise on specific crop varieties or value chains.

There is significant opportunity to leverage these company resources and optimize practices currently in place to enhance income and economic opportunities of SHFs and reduce food loss in multiple crop value chains.

Over the next month, IGD will release a series of blogs that draws on our extensive relationships with multi-national, regional, and domestic companies. The series will highlight company perspectives on the critical success factors to address PHL, outline the role businesses can play in PHL reduction, and share a unique example of a company-led initiative on agro dealer distribution networks that can be leveraged to reduce PHL in Tanzania and strengthen and build the entire value chain.

Join our experts to learn more about how the private sector can address PHL in key agricultural value chains. Share your opinions with us and join the conversation on social media using #postharvest.

Check out our new infographic on Private Sector-led Solutions to Reduce Post-Harvest Loss in Africa.