Scaling Mechanization In The Mango Value Chain To Improve Efficiency, Reduce Loss And Boost Smallholder Farmer Livelihoods

Reducing Post-Harvest Losses and Improving Smallholder Livelihoods

Since 2013, IGD has partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to improve efficiencies in priority value chains, with a focus on reducing Post-Harvest Loss through the YieldWise Initiative.


To learn more about IGD’s work in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Yieldwise Initiative’s Priority Value Chains, please click here.



IGD working in partnership with TechnoServe (TNS) and UPL, with support from RF, aims to:
• Enhance market access / market development for Kenyan Mango producers, processors and exporters and build on the platform of collaboration within the mango value chain (VC) established as part of IGDs broader work with Yieldwise.
• Increase mechanization in the mango value chain to achieve improved value chain efficiency and inclusive growth and significantly reduce post harvest loss
• Support the awareness of and adoption of technologies to reduce loss, such as those deployed by UPL
• Increase access to finance of SMEs to catalyze growth and increase offtake from smallholder farmers
• Improve the livelihood of mango producers and others operating in the mango value chain.



To meet these objectives, along with partners TechnoServe and UPL, IGD will encourage scaling up post-handling agricultural mechanization in the Kenyan mango value chain (VC) by:

• working with UPL to facilitate partnership between UPL, a global leader in PHL solutions, and a Kenyan SME to demonstrate the benefits of shelf-life enhancing technologies;
• facilitating engagement between the IDB Capital Ltd and SMEs along the mango VC to access a credit line made available by the Indian Exim bank to unlock available SME financing;
• Enabling SMEs to access affordable and available finance by identifying business advisory needs and supporting proposal development
• Supporting market led inclusive agribusiness growth by enhancing market led development to create demand-pull for increased volumes of Kenyan mangoes into markets including Europe and the Gulf States by facilitating connections to buyers
• Increasing offtake from YW / TNS supported smallholder farmers by connecting those able to reliably supply consistently high standard fruit for export and processing enabling farmers to achieve increased incomes.



Check out IGD’s Flickr page for photos from the convening.




Marketplace Workshop: Increasing Mechanization to Achieve Growth in Kenya’s Mango Value Chain

The Initiative for Global Development (IGD) and TechnoServe (TNS), with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, hosted on April 11, 2018, a marketplace workshop attended by 40 private sector leaders and county government officials engaged in the Kenya mango industry.

IGD invites you to read the report from that event, which fostered connections in the mango value chain, explored available technical and financial resources, and discussed how SMEs can access such resources to grow their businesses.

Read the full report

Upcoming Activities

IGD will host a its second mango workshop, on October 4, which will focus on market development.

Stay tuned for more information or contact Helen Mant, IGD Senior Advisor, at hmant@igdleaders.org.

Impact of the Partnership

• Track increased market access, and increased mechanization / technology adoption on smallholder farmer livelihoods
• Sharing lessons learned about the partnership approach to inform future cross sector partnerships.


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Helen Mant and Lia Mayka | August 21, 2017

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