Expanding Access to Reliable Power

Access to Power Task Force

Access to electricity is an essential driver of sustainable economic growth and development progress. Some 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa or two-thirds of the regions population are still living without access to reliable power. Without access to power, Africa’s global competitiveness and economic growth will continue to lag behind other regions of the world.

To meet Africa’s power needs, investment must be driven by the private sector. IGD’s task force convened CEOs and senior executives, developers, lenders, investors, equipment manufacturers, and regulatory experts, to create a new power development approach that will fast-track the time between the conceptual need and commercial operation date of new power facilities. In doing so, the task force created a standardized, replicable process to meet Africa’s power needs in a more timely way.

A Founding Partner of Power Africa

In 2013, IGD was named a founding partner of Power Africa, a U.S. government initiative that engages the public and private sector in doubling access to power across Africa and maximizing its economic potential.

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