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Statement by Dr. Mima S. Nedelcovych, Newly-Appointed President Emeritus, Initiative for Global Development (IGD) on CEO Transition

As many of you know, today I am passing on the baton to Leila Ndiaye as the President & CEO of the Initiative for Global Development (IGD) after four years at the helm of this great organization. During a time of a rapidly changing and dynamic Africa, Leila is the right person, at the right time for IGD.

We’re currently at a pivotal time of transformation for IGD. Africa is a continent on the move and its growing private sector is powering tremendous economic growth and prosperity. The continent’s widening middle class has generated incredible spending power totaling $4 trillion annually. Trade and investment opportunities between the U.S. and Africa are expanding and strengthening the private sector can only build stronger economies in both Africa and the U.S.

I’m proud of the key role that IGD has been able to play in reshaping the “Africa Rising” narrative and engaging our influential Frontier Leader Network in being part of the transformative growth and development on the continent.

We’ve accomplished quite a bit in four years. We’ve rapidly grown our membership of African companies and increased the number of Board Members from the continent since I joined IGD. We launched a successful multimedia campaign to change the narrative on doing business in Africa and embarked on a U.S. roadshow tour across the U.S. to showcase trade and investment opportunities in Africa, connecting U.S. and African business leaders in key sectors. Our Advisory and Advocacy teams continue to bring the voice of business, and especially the African business voice, to the forefront of development issues and engage the private sector in achieving sustainable solutions.

We have also forged very strong partnerships with key African organizations, such as the African Development Bank and the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), and US Government agencies such as USAID and USAID Trade & Investment Hubs, MCC, USTDA, OPIC and many African and American companies operating in Africa.

I am excited about what’s on the horizon for IGD. Leila is breathing new ideas into our organization and is ushering in a new era of solid programming that will advise, educate and promote the US and African private sector in order to advance Africa’s economic growth and sustainable development.

And while I am increasingly turning my focus back on personal business interests in Africa, I am not going away from the policy and advocacy arena of IGD. I will move into a new position at IGD where I will serve as the President Emeritus and Senior Advisor, while simultaneously returning to my role of CEO of AfricaGlobal Partners and Chairman of Schaffer International.

As President Emeritus & Senior Advisor of IGD, I will continue to stay engaged as Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of IGD. As CEO of Africa Global Partners and Chairman of Schaffer International, I will return to the role most of you knew me as conceiver, advisor to, and developer of critical agro-industrial, power and infrastructure projects in Africa.

The best days are ahead of us. Hereafter, I can also be reached at in addition to



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