The Business of Financial Inclusion: An impact assessment of Visa’s partnership in Rwanda//

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The Business of Financial Inclusion demonstrates how Visa Inc. is constructively engaging the Government of Rwanda to increase financial inclusion through electronic payments. Based on an impact assessment conducted by IGD between March and August 2013, the report finds that the partnership has electronified Rwanda’s economy and laid the foundations for financial inclusion. Its approach promises to reach millions of Rwandans with a full range of financial services over the coming years, in part through Visa’s new mobile money service, mVISA.

For Visa, the partnership is demonstrating a new model for doing business in emerging markets – one which proves that large multinationals can effectively and profitably address development challenges through their core business operations and constructive engagement with governments.

IGD’s impact assessment provides an important baseline against which Visa can measure future progress and impact as it continues to invest in Rwanda. It also provides a framework to guide Visa’s operations and constructive engagement of government in other emerging markets – to ensure that the company continues to deliver on its brand promise.

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