Rockefeller Foundation Launches YieldWise Initiative to Reduce Post-Harvest Loss at World Economic Forum

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IGD Engages African Corporate Leaders to Identify Market-Led Solutions


With more than 30% of food produced on farms going to waste across Africa, the Rockefeller Foundation launched on January 21, the YieldWise initiative to reduce food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Post-harvest loss (PHL) occurs at every stage of the supply chain. The Initiative for Global Development (IGD)is partnering with The Rockefeller Foundation to facilitate discussions among African corporate leaders on value chain-specific food loss.

The discussions have drawn attention to the fact that food loss is a core challenge to business, due largely to inadequate post-harvest management, lack of structured markets, inadequate storage in households and on farms, and limited processing capacity.

IGD is excited to partner with the Rockefeller Foundation on their YieldWise initiative which seeks to reduce food loss by at least 50% in representative value chains, improving millions of lives.

To learn more about IGD’s work to reduce post-harvest loss, please visit our website.