Campaign Video Spotlight: Dr. Hippolyte Fofack Speaks on Promoting Intra-African Trade

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“It’s never too late to change the narrative on doing business in Africa,” said Dr. Hippolyte Fofack, Chief Economist & Director of Research & International Cooperation at the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank).

As African countries gradually move away from commodities and towards diversifying sources of growth, Dr. Fofack said the timing is right to launch a campaign to encourage greater investment on the continent. The African Export-Import Bank is an inaugural partner of the campaign.

The African Export-Import Bank is strongly committed to promoting intra-African trade, which currently accounts for only 14-15 percent of the total African trade, Dr. Fofack pointed out, noting that it is the lowest in the world.

“We believe that by pushing for African investment, we can actually more rapidly achieve the objective of raising intra-African trade,” he emphasized. “Hopefully through this important Africa Investment Rising campaign, we will not only showcase those who are actually behind that significant growth, but ultimately bring more Africans and potential African investors into the stream, and therefore sustain the Africa investment rising in the future”


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