Bringing the Voice of Africa’s Private Sector to the Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise Initiative

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A newly-released video on IGD Advisory’s partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise initiative showcases private sector-led solutions to reducing post-harvest loss in Africa.


“There’s a huge economic loss associated with the 40 percent of all crop losses in Africa,” C.D. Glin, Former Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, emphasized.


The video highlighted why Africa’s private sector should address post-harvest loss as a business issue and the role of African businesses along the entire agriculture value chain.

Top leaders from the African Development Bank, African-born and bred businesses and multinationals operating in Africa shared their experiences and put forward market-driven solutions to tackle challenges facing Africa’s high rate of crop losses.

“The key is to develop value chain capabilities,” said Gavin Dalgleish, Group Managing Director of the IGD Frontier member Illovo Sugar Ltd. Creating financial incentives for farmers to grow crops, efficient supply chain supported by logistics infrastructure, agricultural technologies to preserve and conserve the crops, Delgleish said, are all significant components of an integrated approach to address post-harvest loss in Africa.

Jaidev R. Shroff, Global CEO of UPL Ltd. emphasized: “All the technologies and knowledge exist… Collectively the government, the industries, the famers need to work together to prioritize what needs to be done!”

IGD’s Advisory entered into the partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation’s YieldWise initiative to engage smallholder farmers and strengthen private sector business linkages to address bottlenecks and improve efficiency in the value chains.

Smallholder farmers account for 90 percent of food production in Africa. IGD’s Advisory team has been working with the African private sector to increase off-take agreements from smallholder farmers, a contract in which a company agrees to purchase an agriculture producer’s future product.

The Advisory team’s engagement aims to support African companies to unlock their potential in the food value chain to prevent post-harvest crop losses in their operations. The team has worked directly with African agribusinesses and smallholder farmers to build business linkages throughout the four priority value chains, including technology, transport, logistics, and finance, to improve the food production supply chain to mitigate crop loss. The Yieldwise’s crop and country focus are tomato and cassava crops in Nigeria, mangoes in Kenya, and maize in Tanzania.

Under this initiative, IGD’s Advisory team convened some 45 Nigerian and global business leaders in the Nigeria’s agriculture industry to put forward market-led solutions to reduce post-harvest loss and unlock the potential in Nigeria’s tomato value chain.


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