“Making Farming Cool” Podcast Series Showcases Agribusiness in Action

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Broadcaster Georges Collinet interviews  28-year-old Siehle Zealous Sibisi, aSouth African farm manager of his family’s successful sugar cane commercial farm, TBS Holdings, and his father, Tim Sibisi, Director of TBS Holdings.


IGD’s “Making Farming Cool” podcast series was release May 2017 to reach young Africans about the wealth of job and entrepreneurial opportunities in the agricultural value chain through vibrant, hip African music and compelling interviews. Produced in partnership with Afropop Worldwide, legendary Cameroonian-born broadcaster Georges Collinet is the host of the podcast series.

Each year, some 25 million young Africans are expected to enter the workforce with few job prospects. Yet, few are pursuing careers in the agriculture sector.

The “Making Farming Cool” podcast series offers an engaging way to encourage young Africans to explore career opportunities in a field that they previously may not have considered: agribusiness.

Each episode of “Making Farming Cool” podcast highlights the company’s success in agribusiness and in engaging  African youth in bringing their talent, skills, and ingenuity to the agricultural sector.

One year and three episodes after the launch of “Making Farming Cool”,  thousands of listeners have heard the podcasts through the Afropop Worldwide website, IGD media partners and radio placements on local stations in Nigeria and South Africa.

“The podcasts have served as a powerful platform to both amplify the voices of prominent African agribusiness champions and educate our young listeners about the possibilities that agribusiness has to offer,” said Mima S. Nedelcovych, IGD president & CEO.

The premiere episode featured Dr. Abdu Mukhtar, who previously served as chief strategist of Dangote Industries Limited. The Dangote Group is the one of the largest, most diversified conglomerates in Africa and the only manufacturing company in Nigeria with presence in 14 African countries.

In the podcast, Dr. Mukhtar laid out Dangote’s plan to invest $1 billion in agriculture, specifically in rice and sugar, to reduce the billions of dollars in government spending each year on food imports. The Dangote Group envisions local farmers and source outgrowers playing a critical role by performing 30 percent of production, while Dangote’s own commercial farming performs the remaining 70 percent of production.

The second episode features Siehle Zealous Sibisi, a 28-year-old South African farm manager of his family’s successful sugar cane commercial farm, TBS Holdings, which produces 30,000 tons of sugar cane each year. Tim Sibisi, Director of TBS Holdings and Siehle’s father, and Edgar Bruggemann, Grower Affairs Director of Illovo Sugar Africa were featured on the podcast.

The shining quality of this episode is its focus on a young person leading the way in agribusiness. Tim Sibisi proudly describes Siehle as a “jack of all trades” who manages every aspect of the family farm. The  storytelling in the podcast allows young African listeners considering agribusiness as a career to easily resonate with Sikisi’s energetic, entrepreneurial spirit.

The latest episode features Dr. Dara Akala, executive director for the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND). In this podcast, Dr. Akala highlights PIND’s ongoing cassava value chain project and its aim to produce real gain for cassava farmers, producers and processors alike. Cassava is one of Nigeria’s most powerful and versatile crops, and the project’s work to maximize the yield of this mighty plant captures a core goal of agribusiness: harnessing the resources in our own backyard to its full capacity.

In 2018, IGD and Afropop Worldwide plans to produce six more podcasts featuring young African agribusiness leaders. The listenership will extend to reach to more local radio stations, including campus radio platforms, on the African continent to engage a wide audience of African youth.

If your company is interested in producing a “Making Farming Cool” podcast, please contact us at campaign@igdleaders.org.




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