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The House of Representatives Passes Electrify Africa Act//

The House of Representatives passed on Feb. 1, the Electrify Africa Act, which aims to rapidly expand electricity in Sub-Saharan African countries and drive economic growth on the continent.

Frontier 100 Morocco post

IGD Frontier 100 Forum to Highlight Role of Africa’s Private Sector in Fueling Job Creation and Development Progress//

The Initiative for Global Development will host its Spring Frontier 100 Forum on April 25-27, in Rabat, Morocco, focusing on how African companies and multinational corporations can drive job creation and growth.

Photo credit: Africa Renewal via Foter.com

Rockefeller Foundation Launches YieldWise Initiative to Reduce Post-Harvest Loss at World Economic Forum//

Rockefeller Foundation launches a new initiative to reduce food loss at the World Economic Forum. IGD engaged African corporate leaders to identify market-led solutions.